Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Little Monkey Cupcakes

For several months I had known exactly what theme I was going to choose for my son's recent 1st birthday party.  There was no doubt in my mind, it had to be monkeys. 

It all began with a small monkey lovey blanket that he quickly grew attached to many months ago.  He absolutely adores the thing, cuddles and sleeps with it, and carries it all over the house.  As a result, we have acquired 5 of them (Mom wanted a little insurance)  and our little man has become a fan of all things "monkey".  In fact, we recently went to his cousin's birthday party where there was a HUGE display rack  full of at least 100 stuffed animal monkeys for sale.  As soon as we got in the door, we set him down and he was off and running straight for the rack of monkeys.  Every single time we set him down he kept going back to the rack, smiling and giggling the whole way, and grabbing one every time.  That being the case, I knew a monkey theme was sure to be the perfect fit for my little man's 1st birthday party.  And when my mom came across decorating instructions for monkey cupcakes, I knew I had to make them for his party.  They were definitely a bit time-consuming, but oh so totally worth it for my little one's big day.  They were almost too cute to eat!

Little Monkey Cupcakes


  • baked and cooled cupcakes (any flavor)

  • chocolate frosting

  • vanilla/buttercream frosting

  • brown candy-coated chocolate pieces (i.e., plain M&Ms, Reeses Pieces) 

  • mini semisweet chocolate chip morsels

  • chocolate sprinkles

  • 2 zip-locking bags or cake piping bags and tips


  1. Spread a thin layer of dark brown (chocolate) frosting on each cupcake and let stand for 10 minutes.

  2. Mix 2 tablespoons chocolate frosting with 6 tablespoons vanilla/buttercream frosting to make the light brown frosting.

  3. Fill a plastic zip-locking bag with the light brown frosting and snip a small corner.  Using the snipped corner, pipe 2 circles for the eyes and a large circle underneath for the facial area.  Smooth lightly with a toothpick or angled spatula.  Then pipe a triangular patch at the top for a small tuft of hair.

  4. Place a brown candy-coated chocolate piece on each side for ears, using a dot of dark brown frosting to help them adhere.

  5. Apply 2 mini chocolate morsels for the eyes and 1 chocolate sprinkle for the nose.

  6. Fill a zip-locking bag with dark brown (chocolate) frosting  and snip off a very small corner.  Using the snipped corner, pipe a thin line of the dark brown frosting for a mouth.

*Decorating instructions from the magazine Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, May/June 2011 edition.


  1. How absolutely adorable are these! Happy Birthday to your little one...

  2. thank you for sharing....i have been looking for a good looking monkey cupcake :)


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